Have you ever wanted to learn more about energy in Canada? Perhaps you've found yourself wondering about the oil sands, about pipeline safety or renewable energy trends. CEM offers tours for adults that delve into Canadian history and current events. We will guide you through geological time, describing the Devonian period and the ways in which Canada's landscape has changed over time. CEM tours present you with fact, which we hope you'll continue contemplating long after visiting our museum. The energy sector in Canada is evolving, and much of our country's social, political and environmental climate is shaped by this industry so we feel it's important to remain neutral and transparent in our approach to educating our visitors. We look forward to meeting you soon!

For inquiries and information about public tours, please email info@canadianenergymuseum.ca




Portrait of Vernon "Dry Hole" Hunter 

Source: Provincial Archives of Alberta and the University of Calgary, Alberta Report Collection, ABR2473