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"Thank you so much for the awesome field trip for my 3-4 class!  Your programs kept all students interested and engaged, with a terrific balance between learning time and active time.  And I was pleasantly surprised to see that you tailored each program to match the science curriculum in each grade level.  The interactive displays were excellent, and we all loved the video in the huge drill bit that took us back in time through the layers of the earth.  


Many of the kids went home to tell their families that they should go there!  I will be telling my teacher friends, too.  Thanks so much for having us.  You all made it super easy."

-Cindy from Griffiths-Scott School

Grades 1 to 9

Here Comes the Sun: Energy and the Environment


This program encourages students to consider their personal and communal impact on the environment. “Here Comes the Sun” places emphasis on critical-thinking and offers team-building activities that task students with developing alternative approaches to curbing energy consumption in Canada. This interactive program is designed to help students hone their problem-solving skills while learning about Canada’s energy sector.


Curriculum Matches:

Grade 1 Building Things / Grade 3 Building with a Variety of Materials / Grade 4 Waste and our World

Grade 7 Interactions and Ecosystems + Planet Earth / Grade 8 Mechanical Systems

Grades 10 to 12

Energy Talk: Ideology and Canadian Identity


In this program, students are presented with varied perspectives relating to current events impacting Canada’s energy sector. By working together in small groups, students will sift through a stack of cards, each of which contains an ideology, current law, statistic or story depicting Canada’s complex relationship with fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. Students will sort cards into categories and discuss how issues either conflict of complement one another.


Curriculum Matches:

30-1 Perspectives on Ideology / 30-2 Understandings of Ideologies

Canadian Energy Museum 

50339 Hwy. 60 South, Leduc County, T9G 0B2