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Our Collection

Along with everything that can be seen in our galleries and on our grounds, the Canadian Energy Museum also has an extensive collection of some 5,000 objects and documentation tucked away in storage.

As part of a multi-year project to review all the artifacts in our care, we are in the process of digitizing and publishing our collection online at
The Hub. We welcome you to explore our collection at your pleasure, and more items will be added each week if you wish to follow along with our progress!

What is our Collections Team Up to?    Follow our Tumblr! 

Our Collection Growth

In recent years, the Canadian Energy Museum (previously the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre) has undertaken some changes in our focus from the Oil Industry in Alberta and Canada, to the broader topic of the Canadian energy industry. At present the majority of our collection is still based on oil, but we are beginning the extensive process of acquiring material from the areas of solar, nuclear, natural gas, coal, hydro, wind, and all other forms of energy generation.


Acceptance of all material donations has been temporarily paused.

We welcome any donations of objects, documentation, and imagery from these industries. Below are just some items we would love to hear about, from any era including today:

  • Promotional print material

  • Sales models and diagrams

  • Educational material

  • Manuals and Handbooks

  • Hardware (working and display only)

  • Photographs of engineering, workers, and events

  • Oral and written stories of experiences and knowledge of the industries

  • Advertisements

  • Branded and promotional objects (stickers, pins, clothing, serveware, etc)


Should you have any of the above or other relevant material you wish to donate to the Canadian Energy Museum, you can reach out to our collections manager Danielle Lane at

Research and Enquiries

We welcome enquiries from any of the above about our holdings. Some services we can offer are:

  • Digitization

  • Additional information on objects

  • Identification of objects and documentation related to specific topics

  • In-person access to our research library

  • In-person access to our stored collections

    *All of the above a dependent on staff schedules and the topic in particular.

    **Some admin fees may apply for digitization.

Are you a student or undertaking research on the oil and energy sector?
Are you doing family or community research?
Are you looking for any other information or object we may hold?

Reach out to our collections team at!

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