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We would love to celebrate your special day with you and your fellow party goers! Below is a breakdown of your next party. Click "Book Now" to get your reservation started!


$200 for the 2 hour program


2 hour program

3 hour party room reservation (overlapping with program)

Activities, shortened tour, experiments and/or crafts


1 / How soon can I book a party?

Bookings must be made 2 weeks in advance. Bookings can be made within the CEM regular business hours. Your party room is available to you from the start of your booking time to the end of 3 hours. If you arrive late, no extra time will be granted. 

2 / What is the cancellation policy?

All changes to the program and cancellations must be provided in writing via email at:                                                           

Programs canceled within 72 hours are subject to 50% of the program fee. Program dates and times cannot be booked or held until payment is received.

3 / What if the birthday guest of honour is sick?

Please allow them the rest they will probably need and reach out to us to reschedule your party at We need to make sure all the little ones (and not so little ones anymore) are taken care of!

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